JUNE 16, 2016

2016 Annual General Meeting
The HRCAP AGM will be held on Thursday, June 23 at 11AM at Veith House (3115 Veith Street, Halifax NS). Snacks and refreshments shall be provided. All are welcome to attend!

MAY 1, 2016

JANUARY 27, 2016


The CRTC is currently reviewing Canada’s basic telecommunications services in order to be in step with the future and the changing needs of Canadians. Fill out their questionnaire and share your views on the telecommunications services that are currently available in your area. Questionnaires take about 10-15 minutes to complete, are completely confidential, and must be received by February 29, 2016. Fill out the questionnaire here:

AUGUST 4, 2015

Community Access Program helps bridge the gaps of adult digital literacy

New program funded by .CA Investment Program delivers free, practical training on how to use tablets and other mobile technologies

Halifax, Nova Scotia – August 4, 2015 – The Halifax Regional Community Access Program (HRCAP) has launched a new initiative providing free digital literacy training to adults who have limited digital skills. The program, “Bridging the Gaps of Adult Digital Literacy,” aims to develop and improve digital literacy skills for those who do not have the knowledge, confidence and/or financial ability to be self-sufficient in utilizing technology to access the Internet. Development of the program was completed thanks to a $30,000 grant from the .CA Community Investment Program, which provides funding for projects that enhance the Internet for the benefit of all Canadians.

Digital literacy skills are becoming increasingly essential for full participation in modern society. Digital literacy has become a crucial life skill for accessing government services, banking, shopping, entertainment, connecting to and communicating with others, finding information, and so much more. Despite this, many Nova Scotians do not possess these important skills. HRCAP and .CA seek to provide them with the access and assistance they need to change that.

According to research from the .CA Community Investment Program, 86 percent of Canadians agree that providing better access to the Internet, along with training on how to use it, would help older Canadians stay better connected to their communities and families.

Training is available on desktop and laptop computers, but the focus is on providing training for mobile technology – tablets in particular. Tablets are much more intuitive, portable, affordable, and user-friendly than a desktop or laptop computer, which presents a fantastic opportunity for adults who are inexperienced with using the Internet to easily discover and make use of online information and communications.

The program offers one-on-one and small group training sessions, facilitated by CAP Youth Interns and volunteers at CAP sites throughout Halifax Regional Municipality. These informal training sessions, catered to the needs and skill level of individual participants, will help participants learn how to use tablets, navigate the Internet, find useful applications, and access ongoing support. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own tablet if they have one, or they may learn on one of our iPads or Android-based tablets.

Adults interested in scheduling a training session can contact us at 902-403-6339 or by email at

Interested in volunteering? Contact us at


Halifax Regional CAP Association is a non-profit organization comprised of staff, volunteers, board members and student interns who collectively unify and provide a network of local CAP (Community Access Program) sites across Halifax Regional Municipality. The mandate of HRCAP is to provide all members of the community with access and exposure to technology, and to deliver innovative and exciting programs that help bridge the “digital divide.” By connecting people to technology, training and opportunities which open doors for growth and development, HRCAP advances economic, social and cultural priorities through technology and innovation, helping to build strong, sharing, cooperative, and competitive communities.

In addition to hosting access sites where citizens can receive free computer and internet access, training, and job search support, we also have several ongoing projects including the introduction of 3D printing, Lego Robotics for youths, and small business technology training.

To learn more about HRCAP, please visit or contact:
Matthew Beaton
Executive Director

About .CA and the Community Investment Program

Through the Community Investment Program, .CA funds projects that demonstrate the capacity to improve the Internet for all Canadians. The .CA team manages Canada’s country code top-level domain on behalf of all Canadians. A Member-driven organization, .CA represents the interests of Canada’s Internet community internationally.

To learn more about the CIP and to arrange interviews with the .CA Community Investment Program, please contact:

Ryan Saxby Hill
Communications Manager for .CA


JUNE 1, 2015

Annual General Meeting
The HRCAP AGM will be held on Tuesday, June 30 at 1PM at Veith House (3115 Veith Street, Halifax NS). Snacks and refreshments shall be provided. All are welcome to attend!